Week 17: A Lot to Learn from the Youngsters

This week has flown by and yet been such a torturous process of recovery.

Let me rewind, I had felt great the Monday after the Giordano audition. So great that I thought, “hey, maybe I can go back to my normal schedule!” Unfortunately, I was not good enough. I was able to take ballet and contemporary on Monday. I was fine, yes! Tuesday I had Pilates, ballet and during Victors class I felt it again.. Shhhhhh&$!?!?&$$!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe that; halfway through class I was done – AGAIN!

Wednesday I had ballet and attempted Kristina’s class. I got quite far, but again, had to stop. Let me tell you what the WORST feeling in the world is for a dancer: when one teeny tiny body part is injured and the rest of your body suffers in dance. Even more so is when you gotta sit out and watch everyone else dance. It’s more painful than anything else!

For the rest of the week, I just took ballet. Except Friday where I took two Pilates classes.

I have also begun my work for DanceChance. Even though I’m an alternate I need to be ready, just in case. I’ve been rehearsing a duet with Kayla. It’s so amazing to choreograph again. This time, I’m able to explore more and dive deep into an idea. I alps noticed an evolution in my choreography, I’m quite pleased. 🙂

Saturday I did… Nothing. I rested all day in bed. Best. Day. Ever.

Today I just had an 8am shoot for my first arabesque pic. Then I came straight to the Hubbard Street Intensive audition. I had to do a shoot with the little kids. Oh my, these kids had “fierce” painted on their faces and daggers in their eyes, at first, before it started. At least, that’s probably the way I perceived them because I was so nervous of being the “old dude”. Eventually, everyone calmed down and ballet class started. The room, packed. The temperature, humid. The class, informative.

Honestly, I learned a lot in this class. Obviously, the basics that Glenn always stresses, except that I was able to hone into these corrections because it was a basics/fundamentals focused class for the kids. You can learn so much from watching the youth. I loved the information I gathered and applied.

The rep portion of the audition was from “One Thousand Pieces”. Aghhhhhhhhhhh, so fun! 🙂 again, I learned a lot by watching these kids do the repertoire. Things I liked, things that didn’t fit my body, etc.

Overall it was a great experience. Gotta go to work. Gonna take it easy this week.

Auditions, yep, that time now.

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