Week 2: Molding the Body

So I’ve completed the required second week of the scholarship. I say required because weekends are open for us to train free, but not mandatory..

Last weekend:

I took Melinda’s basic ballet, which was KILLER!! Oh my gosh.. Sometimes the introductory classes can hurt much more than the advanced/pro classes. I enjoyed her class very much. It is a mixture of Paris school of opera styled teaching, along with Balanchine (not a huge fan of his, but learning to love it). I must say that the adults just starting to dance fill me with so much appreciation and joy, I love them! They are so eager and happy to be there! Sometimes we forget the amazing things we can do with our bodies, even if we have much more to work on.

Next I took Ethan’s intermediate modern class. I enjoyed it very much! He has a great ‘flow’ styled class, with a lot of floor work, which is something I love very much. He is an amazing instructor and dancer, being a former HS2 company member.

On Sunday I took Jackie’s yoga class. I must say that THIS is what Sunday yoga should be like. Restorative, while still working, but focusing on the self. Pure bliss. I highly recommend.


Beruite started off the week with her intense ballet class. Not easy but I felt more in the body. She told us that we should DANCE, and explained it in such a compelling and profound way that it just forced everyone, including myself, to just dance ballet. I love when they tell us not to fear a barre combination.. It’s just ballet, after all.

Next we had Lizzie’s contemporary class. I REALLY love her classes. She has an interesting way of moving and initiating her movement. It’s very appealing. I also love learning her movement phrases, they’re always lushous.

Lastly, I took beginning ballet with Melinda. It was another difficult class. I highly enjoyed her movement combination at the end. Even though it was fairly difficult and not at all beginner. 😉

I moved into my new place with a fantastic family that night. Unfortunately my previous living situation wasn’t working out so well.


Claire taught ballet, and gave some extremely confusing barre combinations. I’m telling you, you’d think the physics degree would help me problem solve some of these shifting of leg weight exercises! It was a good class. Each ballet class I see that I still have SO LONG until I can finally feel comfortable with dancing.

Next we had Victor and his Cuban contemporary. Another challenging class but I’m starting to get into the swing of it all. I love his movement, it flows like waves in an ocean. When he demonstrates it’s just astounding, there is no end to the movement. I can’t say that I begin to do it in such a way that it comes close to that but I’m trying.

I came back that night and took yoga, which released a lot of stress and tension. I enjoy yoga, but it just wish they had more of the classes at LCDS. I can’t wait to start making money so I can take Helens yoga classes at corepower.

Ended up calling it a night after basic ballet with Melinda again. I enjoy he basics.. They always show you that you’ve forgotten how to do everything correctly, HA!


Laura’s ballet class was exceptionally well. I enjoyed her correction of having the hips directly over the heels by tilting a bit forward with them. She said it would open up the hips and rotators more, which I need.

Kristina’s Laban inspired modern classes are always a challenge, but one that I enjoy. Today was a very self learning class. I think I’m starting to tap into my bodies flow and movement patterns. I will continue to explore, thank goodness for her.

Unfortunately, I called it a day after modern because I to hives this morning. I’m unsure if it’s due to stress, the switching of detergents or something I’m eating. All I know is that it itches and it’s bothersome.


Today’s guests name I cannot pronounce or spell. I call her Mrs. Y. She is a former HSDC company member and usually takes classes with us. She now performs with the lyric opera. I’ve enjoyed watching her in classes but her class was fantastic. Such beautiful endless movement. She really pushed us to open ourselves up to ballet and not be bounded by its preconceived borders. Love her.

Next we had a guest for Frankie, which was Dionna. I loved her class, even though it is reminiscent of EDGE PAC, it felt like home. She is definitely an EDGE PAC qualified instructor: quick teaching, stylized fun class, and high attention to musicality. Her class had me drenched!


Claire’s ballet class showed me that I’d improved some in the last two weeks.. At least I think so. It also had me realize that I’m two weeks into training so I will not hold back from difficult tasks anymore: options to take releve at barre, etc.

We had a miss Jackie as our guest contemporary instructor. I DIED in her class. She has an amazing sense of movement and openness. I will take her class again, soon.

Ended my week with Claire’s scholarship Pilates class. Very difficult but I felt great after. I need to work on my flexibility, connection of movements and flow, and back malleability, it’s very tense and stiff.

I hope to take class this weekend and find some new strength. I’m excited to begin at the LEGO store next Tuesday! And most excited to watch HSDC in their Fall show! It’s going to be amazing.. I know because I’ve been watching them rehearse between my classes. I melt and get very emotional when I see them. They are my inspiration, and to become even 1% of them would make everything worthwhile.



4 thoughts on “Week 2: Molding the Body

  1. Wow sounds like a busy but great week : ). I wanted to drop by and ask you whether you were still in need of donations or accepting donations ? In the coming weeks, I may be able to give something. It isn’t a lot but I just don’t want you to think I didn’t mean what I said earlier. Hope all is well. God Bless!

  2. Hi Ruben, Sound like you made it to Chicago and all is going well. Years ago I took class from Beruite – she’s tough and inspiring. It’s strange that you are not here at CSUDH! We have a new group of excited and well-trained dancers. Lots of positive energy this semester and lots of good changes! Stay in touch and remember to enjoy dancing! Doris

    • Yes, Beruite’s class is fantastic! I look forward to taking from her each week. I miss you all at DH and have been hearing about all the talent.

      Glad everything is great over there, really wish I could be in the shows again! We will take class together next time you’re in town!!

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