Step 21: Life, it’s HARD!

Okay, so I have been back home for two weeks now since my intensive. As you might all know, I am waiting to return to Chicago VERY soon, which is why I have been looking for jobs, not only in California but also in Chicago. I have to find a temporary job here in California, to raise enough funds to get back to Chicago in a month or so, and then a job in Chicago to have money to survive! Ahhhhhh, life is MUCH HARDER than I ever expected.

Work, its nearly impossible to find. I’ve applied to thousands of jobs by now, ranging from PizzaHut to the LACMA! I went on one interview with the TaxCo., which I loved. The vibe I got from their company is amazing, however they still need to do a second interview, which is understandable but I need to make money now. I am nearing my final dollars, so its getting pretty serious now, and I am trying my hardest not to panic.

I’m working hard to be the best me I can be. As usual, please take a look at my fundraising website or share it with people you know. Any contribution, no matter how small, is very appreciated!

Today concluded my first week with outdoor yoga. It’s been an amazing first week. I have increased my flexibility, but more importantly, my state of mind. It is so incredible to see a huge difference in my mind before the intensive (which is when I hardly ever did yoga). I can now overcome so many obstacles that I was not able to in the past, little things, such as headstands, binds, or simply looking up without having my neck hurt so badly! It is very peaceful and calming. I’ve also been improving on my breath-movement coordination, it gets more practical after each practice.

I also have enjoyed ballet, but haven’t been going as much since that is very expensive. Tomorrow I start a new process with the talented Jeremy. I was asked to be a part of his incredible work, which is so exciting! I can’t wait to dive whole heartedly into his creation process. I thoroughly enjoyed his class at ACDFA, it was enlightening and empowering. I know that his creation process will be no less.

Also, yesterday I saw the Pina documentary! AHHHHHHH so amazing!!! I NEARLY DIED!!! If you have not seen it yet, go see it! It was stunning. I wish I could do work similar to that. She has such amazing organisism (not a real word, but now it is!). Here is a clip of her Rite of Spring:

I know good things are coming my way, and I am trying to stay calm and just breath. Things are looking up for me. They always work out well for me, always. 🙂

Baby steps.



2 thoughts on “Step 21: Life, it’s HARD!

  1. Best wishes in your pursuit for a job. I know somebody who is trying to secure a job, even a part time job, and it is not easy for them. So I do wish you the best in obtaining a job as SOON as possible. I love that you concluded this post on a positive note, even though life is not necessarily putting you in the “best position” right now. I wish I could help now but I still can’t. If that changes go anytime soon, you will not be forgotten! Have a blessed day : )

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