Step 18: Audition Video

Being back in California is difficult. I did not once step in a car over the last month, so being in a car now was a trip. It’s an overpriced-deathtrap accessory! I forgot how time consuming, costly and dangerous driving was!

Consider this:

$100/mo for transportation anywhere in Chicago. No traffic, nothing. Healthier way of travel: walk, bike, subway, and bus.
$350/mo (at the minimum) in Los Angeles. Traffic. Sitting for two hours to get to a place that’s 15 miles away. Insurance. Accidents. Gas. Maintenance. Road rage. Etc.

Just a huge difference. It’s a bit scary.

Yesterday, I went to a yoga class with my best friend, Marco. I can’t believe how much more flexible I became in just a month in Chicago. Before class started, I decided to do some yoga breathing, as well as some of the chants I learned through Helen. It makes a difference in your practice. I’ve noticed my spiritual connection and depth since taking Helen’s class. Because of her I got myself a copy of the Bhagavad-Gita! I’m excited to continue my spiritual growth. I dedicated my practice to a continue awareness and growth in spirituality and as a person. Dedicating your practice allows you to hone in on those ideas, which removes all attachment to the bodily aspect, which in turn allows you to relax and ease into the poses. At least that’s what I experience…

I’m still doing theab series, theraband workouts, and stretching. Today, I gave myself a ballet class to warm up. I followed by recording an adagio, grand allegro and an improvisation. It is so I can submit it for different auditions. Here is a clip of my improv:

It was inspired by my return trip, watching Warm Bodies. I went out with my ex.. We’re seeing where it leads us. I dedicated this improv to that idea.

Hoping for the best in my future!


PS. Since this blog was to follow my journey through the intensive, I actually realized that our journeys through dance are never ending, even if the project or training is done. I decided to continue to update throughout my real journey as a dancer: life.


2 thoughts on “Step 18: Audition Video

  1. You amaze me. Beautiful dancing! You inspire me. So proud of you and your journey. Impressed you got the Bhagavad Gita. Om Shanti

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