Day 26: End of Phase 4: Conclusion

Yesterday (Friday) was my final day at the Hubbard Street Dance Chicago Summer Intensive. Bittersweet. Honestly, this month has gone by much too quickly.


I did my usual morning ritual, and headed for the studio much earlier than necessary. I did this only because I had bought gifts for my closest friends at this intensive, Erik and Diana, the two who I would but the most to help me and they always did without complaining.. As well as the instructors who taught us for the four weeks: Helen (yoga), Linda (Horton), and Meredith (ballet and rep). These three wonderful instructors helped me shape myself into the dancer I became yesterday and I couldn’t be happier with it all. I got to the studio 3 hours in advance to write them ‘thank you’ cards to go with their gifts.

I also got there early so I could absorb every detail, every feeling and every idea that I have had at this wonderful studio. The bubble bump in the floor on your way to studio A and B near the water fountain.. The way the stairs crack and pop on your way down, making you think that it’s your feet… The center barre that always has a leg fall off..the huge whoosh of a noise that occurs when you turn on the restroom lights. Etc.

Eventually, I warmed up and went over some choreography with the others. Which led us to our final ballet class at the intensive :-/

At 11:45am, we started ballet with Terry. Of course, I stood next to Diana since this would be our last ballet class together (hopefully, just for now). Barre was O-k, I wasn’t focusing as much, but when center came I got my groove back. I believe that everyone danced their hearts out, I know I did. I just did it and I went for it. I felt very alive! Class was one hour and forty five minutes. It was a pure joy to see everyone in class for the last time.

Lunch was next. I met Diana’s mom, who is VERY sweet and amazing. I also got to hang out with Fuka and Erik during lunch. I secretly think that Fuka makes fun of me all the time.. 😉

When I got to the theater I started to warm up. Around 3pm or so, I got a text from a random person online. I had went online and asked a complete stranger and his girlfriend to watch the show, and they did! It was nice. I continued to warm up.

4pm was the start of our show.. Sadly it just flew by way too quick. I could discuss all my mess ups, which there were plenty of, but that’s not fun. Actually, I feel like this is my best performance yet. I was very present to everything that I was seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking, etc (thanks Summer!). I soaked up every minute of my time on stage and now all those memories are nicely stored in my brain. The best part is that during the performance, I felt it: yoga, Horton, ballet, Pilates, improv, limón, partnering, and contemporary rep. I felt the accumulation of all that I’d been taught come together into this beautiful performance and my body. It was very intense.. Kind of like 360*dance.

The reception afterwards was nice. I spent my time with Diana and Erik the most, but also got to talk to everyone before they left. Goodbyes are hard. I said my thank you’s to the directors and faculty and had a great evening. I think the hardest goodbyes were with Erik, who is just a bundle of positivity and always willing to help… And Diana. She’s been my guardian angel. I really care about her very much and I can’t believe that she’s going back to Mexico today. I know I probably annoyed them both but they put up with it and became two great friends. I cried when I said goodbye to her.. It’s strange how close we get to people.

This has been the BEST summer experience of my life. It’s been rewarding and just an amazing growing experience as a person. God…. I just wish I could start over, I wouldn’t change a single thing!

I was able to spend the night at a friends house, and now today I have a bit of time to say goodbye to my favorite city before I head home. Update later today.

Viva la Blue Group!




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