Day 24: Last Wednesday: You Got Mail!

Today had some unexpected surprises!
I went to the studio and started with Pilates at 10:45am. I was happy to start with it so I could better feel my rotators, transverse muscles, and gluteals. It was a great class, which Melanie taught since Kym was sick. Melanie gave us a gentle, challenging class. I felt the efficiency of my work, and growth, compared to four weeks ago. At the end of class, she even said I had improved, which is always nice to hear. It makes all the soreness worth it! One hour.

Ballet with Meredith put a few tears in my eyes… Honestly, I was extremely emotional in class today but didn’t realize why until the very end. I felt as though I was giving it all I had, and then some, which was good but also was hurting my feet and legs! Not until petit allegro (my biggest weakness/fear) did I realize that it was my last ballet class with her. Unfortunately, I did not perfect my petit allegro, but I tried… I think I went four or five times. I wanted to show her that all her work was not in vein. Sadly, no game. I still fumbled, but I almost was getting it. I began to tear up, I felt like I let her down. She’s been the biggest mentor to me and I wanted to make her happy. I gave the grand allegro every ounce of energy I had. At the end of class she gave everyone hugs. I almost lost it. She gave me a big, deep hug and said “ruuuuubbbbbeeeeeeen”. It took all the willpower not to cry. I’m going to miss her instruction and mentoring. One and a half hours.

Lunch was amazing. Apparently, someone oh so sweet sent me mail! Randomly. It completely made my day! My first ever fan mail letter! 🙂 I want to personally thank back2firstposition. You made my week! I didn’t know people actually read this blog.. It’s nice to know that others believe in you! Check our her blog, which I hyperlinked! So sweet! ❤ in case you're reading this, if you are in Chicago Friday, I have a show ticket with your name on it! 🙂


Afterwards we had career talk. Did you know that there is a service called Career Transitions for Dancers, they provide nice services for dancers! Check them out! My favorite part of this was when Meredith gave us her life journey to ending up at hubbard street.. And even her worry of what is to come later in life! One hour.

For the next two and a half hours we rehearsed for Fridays show! It was fun! Here is my lineup:
Too Beaucoup, Little Mortal Jump (harp section, not the Philip glass section I wanted to do), Casi-Casa, and the solo from Jonathan’s work!
Even though I didn’t get chosen to do the Glass section, I’m very happy with my rep pieces! Those are what I’m performing, in addition to the Horton demonstration and the creation work!

6 works baby!
Oh yea! Goodnight!



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