Day 23: Last Tuesday

Today I moved out of my hosts place and am moving to my final destination! He was very sweet and I am glad to have been able to stay downtown in such a nice place with a nice host. Hoping the best with my next host.

Today we had 9am ballet with Glenn! I completely LOVE his classes.. I always feel stronger and more in control. He is so funny but he knows how to push us. He really upped the level today. I love being pushed to my limits. His barre makes it possible for you to achieve anything in center, and then some! One hour and forty minutes.

Creation. One and a half hours.


Horton was really fun. We started to rehearse the showcase dance. We’re doing a joint performance showing of the Horton technique with the red group (we are the blue). I love the preludes and fortifications that I get to do… Also, I love my across the floor! It’s much more fun than I thought it would’ve been, which is a plus! Two hours.

Half hour break.

Ended the day with rehearsal/review for the show. If everything is the way it was done today then I will not be doing Little Mortal Jump 😥 which was the only one I was so focused on and really looking forward to doing.. I get to do Casi-Casa and maybe Jonathan’s piece. I love both of those, I just wanted to do LMJ too… Oh well, gotta move forward. One hour.

Afterwards I moved. I like the place I’m staying at, and the guy is great.



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