Day 22: Last Monday

Today was a long day. I woke up, got ready and waited for my friend to get up so we could leave together. We parted ways, I headed to the studio and he headed to a new host and his journey to move to California.

We started at 10am, with Terry’s improv class. It was a powerful class, since I enjoy his method of Improvisation technique. He also played amazing music. I enjoyed the ‘eyes closed’ improv, so much fun! One and a half hours.

Pilates with Kym was killer, but not as much as usual… Maybe we are now stronger, or we are just too tired to work hard. I think we’re stronger though. One hour.


Ballet with Meredith was great. I’m taking Diana’s advice/challenge and staying away from the mirror from now on. I will now be present during ballet. I found that it helped. I also noticed that I have developed a tendency to follow others, even though I know the phrasing, and to rely on the mirror for no reason. I’m taking the challenge. Meredith said today was better, but still had more to work on. I enjoy her classes so much. We only have her once more. 😦 one and a half hours.

We had review with Meredith next. We reviewed Too Beaucoup, but the unison phrase. I had trouble with this one, so review is great! We also did unison review of Little Mortal Jump, which I love. The showcase is this week, and I am excited to perform again on a stage!! One and a half hours.

We ended with review with Glenn and Terry. We did more of LMJ and also reviewed Casi-Casa. Much needed review. I’m nervous as to what I’ll be performing, so I gotta be ready for anything this week. One hour.

Went with Diana to whole foods, where we found out that essential oils were much too expensive… 😥 so we got back to the train station to go home, but we had to go separate ways. We ended up being able to see each other through a slot in the dividing wall. We performed rep for each other.. Have a look from my perspective!




She’s too much fun! Don’t know what I’ll do without her!
Tired. Night.



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