Day 20: Cirrus.Socrates.Particle.Decibel.Hurricane.Dolphin.Tulip.Ruben.

Today was phenomenal, I still have a high from it! I couldn’t have been happier than today. I started my morning with intermediate ballet at the Joffrey with the amazing Diana! I did some things better and others not so well. I need to focus on myself and get out of the mirror. After class was done a nice lady came up to me to compliment how fast I pick up corrections. Diana was adored by all, since she’s too amazing. 😉

Afterwards, I went to the cultural center to meet up with my friend that had spent the night at my hosts place. We spent the rest of the day together, which was surprisingly fun! Here’s a picture of him at the cultural center:

Here are pictures of the actual center:


We went together to The Happy Show. It was fun going with someone and seeing their reactions and facial expressions! He enjoyed it. Here’s a picture of the exit, which I thought was very appropriate:


When we got into the great hall space, I dropped my bags and gave him my iPad to record me doing a little improv:
Cultural Center Improv
Since he is a musician/composer, and loves to do camera work, I will just say that this is a trailer for something much more.. More on that below.

We went to chipotle to eat, his first time. I got to know him better, and vice versa. We spoke about our relationships, or lack thereof, personalities and so on. He told me many of his dark secrets, which were pretty dark, but I admired his courage to tell me. It was different.

Later we went to his new hosts hotel to pick up the camera since we decided to collaborate… So we went all over downtown shooting improv videos and such.. We might continue it tomorrow, hopefully. I hope it comes out well.. I’ll post it when it’s finished. The process was so fun, unusual and unexpected.

After the camera ran out of juice, we went to a restaurant to get dessert. I’m not sure what we had but we had A LOT of it, and it was sooooooo good! First dessert in almost a month.. We rushed to the theater and were able to watch A.I. Artificial Intelligence together. Here’s a trailer:

He enjoyed it, which was great. The best part was that he said that because of this day, especially the movie, he began questioning his darker thoughts/side. That was a very sweet compliment. He didn’t want to be alone after the film, so we went to get hot chocolate and walked the city. I ended the night by walking him to his next hosting destination. I’m exhausted, waaaaaaaay exhausted, but this was an unexpected nice day. I can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s nice when you make great friends randomly, especially when they’re so nice and not bothered to do things with you. Now I have two great friends like that, him and Diana.




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