Day 19: End of Phase 3

TGIF.. Or more like too sad Friday! My day was pretty awesome today!! Did my early morning ritual, as I have been doing everyday and got to the studio with some time to get to Target to buy some special groceries for tonight’s dinner.

We started the day at 10:30 with Physical Therapy lecture: conditioning. I thought the class was going to be a drag, since they were going to have us work out a bit to learn the ways to condition, but it was VERY fun. I learned new ways to use therabands to work out arms, turn out and feet. I also learned more foam roller techniques, as well as stretches. This class definitely got me warm for ballet. One hour.

Next we had ballet with Terry. I enjoyed having ballet with him again. He gave great corrections for turning, among other things, but it really helped out my turns! It felt good to improve on something during a class. I also realized that I need to point my feet using the instep (a correction that Meredith gave everyday), it makes the leg and foot stronger and longer; also, that when doing petite allegro, like glissade or assemble, I must brush the floor and use the power from underneath (again, another Meredith correction)! One hour and thirty minutes.

Yoga was pretty sad today 😦 it was our final day with Helen, the most amazing yogi mentor I’ve ever had!! She has been so wonderful, as I said in the previous post. If there are any people from Chicago reading this I’d suggest taking yoga with Helen, it’ll change you in very profound ways, she usually teaches at CorePower in Lincoln Square, and other places! In today’s class we did Yin yoga… A very powerful practice, also painful. Basically, you allow your body to melt into ‘simple’ stretches, such as forward fold or pigeon, for five minutes or longer. The key is to let go of all the thoughts of pain, all muscle and mind control. You just let it happen! It was a very emotional experience to let it all go and just be. We got massages with essential oils, which rocked! I just wish we could take her home and just have her fill my life with zen. I dedicated the first half of my practice to my ex, and the second half to myself. I am in love with my life and inner being. I love who I am, and I wouldn’t change anything. 🙂 one hour too short! 😦


We saw 27’52” by Jiri Kylian. Powerful, amazing.. Breathtaking. Meredith was in my favorite section of this work: a duet with heavy machinery sounds. It was very brave and invigorating when one female company member did a duet with a male, while being topless. The piece has its title since its 27 minutes and 52 seconds, in case someone didn’t know that. The piece revolved around the deconstruction of the stage, something that isn’t often shown!
Here is a clip of it:

We reviewed Casi-Casa with Jason. Today we split up into groups and put two phrases together by having the groups do these different sections simultaneously until it joined into beautiful unison. It was so great to watch! One hour.

Lastly, we reviewed with Kelly her solo from Too Beaucoup. Today she asked us to be more indulgent and weird. It was FUN! I enjoy this solo work. It’s almost as good as biting into a juicy peach with saliva and drool all over! 😉 one hour.

I brought my dirty dance clothes home, and invited Diana to dinner. I had my host and Diana relax as much as they could while I cooked for them. I made enchiladas for them!! Here is a picture of my cooking, and my host with Diana eating it! 🙂 it was nice to have two very nice people hanging out and eating with them. I hope the rest of my life is this fun and fulfilling.



Friday is our showcase! I hope I get great roles 🙂 I’m so sad that its all over in a week.. I wish this could last forever :-/ I will make the most of it next week!!



5 thoughts on “Day 19: End of Phase 3

  1. I watched the video. I actually did not know that it was a female that was topless. I don’t mean that in any insulting way; what I mean is that the complete lack of sexuality being a focal point in the dance allowed me to look at it from a more neutral way. It seemed very purely in a way that is difficult to explain – like a piece of art that exposes something, but not in a way that human nature would expect.

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