Day 17: Diving Deeper

Today started off a bit slow, since I was very sore. I ended up giving a lot of myself the day before in Glenn’s class, and rep, so I was very tired. I went to the studio very early, but passed target along the way and bought myself a pack of therabands, so that I could work on my legs. It’s the first time I ever work with a theraband, it was difficult, but felt great. I also did Diana’s exercises, as well as the ab series, of course. I felt great until the day started.

We had ballet with Meredith at 10:45am this morning, it’s been so long since we’ve had her. I missed her class immensely! I was trying my best to apply everything I’ve learned from everyone. I thought I did great but I know I could’ve done better, as usual but today especially. I will learn from this experience and move forward. I just need to stop making the same mistakes… I’ll get it! One and a half hours.

Next we had Horton with Miss Linda! It began rough and kept going rough because my tendinitis was acting up. I definitely could’ve done MUCH more in this class but I held back since I was tired, sore and careful of my body. The class was great, but it was very painful. We learned a lot of fun things, like hinges and the sort. One and a half hours.


We had repertoire with Jason again, where we learned even more from Casi-Casa . This section was really organic and nice. It was also very fun! I definitely enjoy doing Mats Ek work. I usually think I’m a magician when I do this section. 😉 I was able to regain my momentum when I began doing the rep. Sooooo great! One hour.

We worked more on our creation for an hour. There are definitely some nice elements in our works. The girls are very much in charge. These girls are amazing, I enjoy learning from them.

We ended with partnering from Little Mortal Jump with a different group. I loved my partners, they were very great. Today Kelly and Jason really went into even more detail today. I was able to dive deeper into the duet today, since I knew it and was able to really perform at the end. I wish I could’ve done it more than twice. Jason and Kelly even performed for us, they ROCK!!!! Even better, I got to do a partnering lift with Kelly!! I was so nervous, but that made my day! 😀

At the end of the day, I stretched, rolled out my muscles, and bought some new flesh colored ballet shoes. I am excited to wear them for the remainder of the intensive! Tomorrow I will pick it all up and I will conquer my doubt and inability. I am still dealing with my personal life but I won’t let that overtake me.. I can’t change anyone or their minds or hearts, I can only make myself better and keep moving forward!



4 thoughts on “Day 17: Diving Deeper

  1. That last part was the best! (: (: (: that’s all you can do. Stay strong like always and stay true to yourself (:

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