Day 15: Yoga: Moving on is Difficult

Today was a really bittersweet day. Good in that I started my third week, but hard because of my split up..

I got to the studio at 9:30am, since my great friend Diana gave me a ballet private (since she’s amazing). I learned a lot from her.. I mean a lot! She’s a phenomenal instructor. She was able to help me correct a lot, especially my tenseness in ballet. I really appreciate having her in my life. The private was an hour.

At 10:30am, we started our intensive with a PT lecture. Topic: Stretching. I really enjoyed it since they gave us another sheet with stretches for certain areas of the body. She also gave us a lot of exercises, and info based on our injuries. She was great. One hour.

Next we had ballet with Jason (HSDC). His ballet class was different, it focused on other areas we hadn’t gotten to in the intensive. Although, we didn’t get to jump much, but that’s okay. He was pretty funny. He kept saying he wasn’t good in ballet but I thought he was amazing. Miss Linda joined us for barre. I applied as much as i could from Diana’s private, which made it easier and less tense. One and a half hours.

We had yoga next. Hardest class to ever get through… I couldn’t help but cry. Luckily, nobody noticed. I felt as if a part if me was missing. Of course, I didn’t have the necklace on. That hurt. I dedicated my practice to them.. I still love them. I just wish someone would tell me how to be, so this wouldn’t have happened. I feel as though I wasn’t enough… One hour.


We had video class. We saw Little Mortal Jump, I cried again. Such beautiful work, such emotion… And yet I feel so alone. We also saw Too Beaucoup, which was silly and cool.

We had an hour of rep with Jason. We learned more of Casi-Casa. I loved the new section but all this was a distraction, for the entire day. One hour.

We ended with Meredith reviewing rep. Again, difficult with all this going on. One hour.

I see that my missing half has moved on. Or so it seems to look like it. It hurts, and moving on is the worst part. I just need time, I guess. I just wish…



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