Day 14: Relationships

Yesterday was quite difficult.. I can say that I wear my necklace no more for the duration of this intensive, and my yoga practices are for myself now. I need to recover. The heart is not something easy to mend, but is easily broken. I wish them the best and I will still dedicate my chants for a better life for them, because everyone deserves it. Everyone deserves love if they want it, and so do I.

I still love and wish with all my heart things would just work. Maybe one day. I just hate feeling like I was not enough.. Okay I’m done, sorry for the mopey post.

I’ve lost 10 pounds since I’ve been here.. Not sure if that’s good or not, maybe it’s muscle and less fat. That’s the hope. I moved again, but this place is extra special.. My host is the coolest guy ever! He has an obsession with space (like myself) and here’s his view from downtown:




Pretty incredible. Eating breakfast now for my third week. I will move past this. I will not allow my personal life into that studio, because it is my sacred space.



4 thoughts on “Day 14: Relationships

  1. We who have incredible sensitivity (at least I put you in my category) feel very deeply. I send my empathy your way, that you are hurting, with prayers that you will feel healed soon.

  2. You can get through it. You’re one of the strongest people I know, so I believe in you 100%. The heart is a muscle. When muscles tear, they repair in time and become stronger. Just keep staying strong (: you always have people here for you!

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