Day 13: Joffrey and Horton and the Beach

Today was a spectacular day! I went and took the intermediate ballet (open adult) at the Joffrey Ballet School. I went with the two lovely and amazing ladies: Zenas (aka Zena, warrior princess) and Diana. I got a lot of great notes in class, and corrections. One great thing is that I saw my advancement in the two weeks of being at the Hubbard Street Intensive, so far. I have improved! What a great feeling. Two more weeks and I will blow my own socks off!

Next we all went to get frozen yogi… Or froyo, as it is called. It was a spectacular place where they dump the frozen fruit into a machine to flavor the yogurt. It even tasted amazing. We also were given free bags of healthy chips. Score!!!!

Zenas went shopping while Diana and I headed to the beach. While at the beach (or lake) we tanned, swam and DANCED!!! Here are pictures of Diana improvising, followed by her improv video.



Diana’s improv at the beach!

Don’t be fooled, she is much more wicked than this.. And this is pretty wicked. She’s a prima ballerina with an over split amazement. She’s intensely amazing!

Here are some of myself.. Doing Horton at the beach! Miss Linda would be so proud!
Followed by my beach improv.



My improv at the beach!

All in all, it was a great day. Slept at the beach, and the whole nine yards! Even had some Potbelly’s for dinner! 🙂
Send me mail, in Day 9 post!



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