Day 12: End of Phase 2

I can’t believe I’ve lasted this long! Honestly, this week has been full of a few days where I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get through it all, but I’m here and I made it to the end of the second week so far. We are now halfway done with the intensive, and it ain’t getting any easier, the complete opposite actually!

I had to leave a bit earlier today, to get breakfast since I didn’t have any at home today. I grabbed some Subway before getting on the train. I got to the studio around 8am, went to Target next door to get more food, then went inside the studio to warm up at 8:30am.

We started with ballet at 9am, with Meredith. She gave a great class that focused on all the little things that I need work on. It was nice to work in that light today, especially since its the killer schedule! I was working so much in class that my shirt, sweats, and hair were DRENCHED! It was awesome. I need to keep the consistency of my technique/port de bras in center as I do at the barre. She gave me that same correction today as yesterday. Hopefully I get it right before I see her next week for class again. On the bright side, I did much better in the petite allegro! Inch by inch wins the race. One hour and forty five minutes.

Next we had Pilates with Melanie again. She kicked our butts, and abs today. One great thing is that I felt myself use all the right muscles and not the hip flexor during developpe in an exercise! It was great, I need to take that into ballet class, seriously. My right hip flexor keeps straining and I’m not sure how to stop using it! One hour.

I thought yoga would be nice and easy today since it was Friday, but we had no luck. Actually, today was the hardest yoga day yet. We focused on a lot of push ups. A lot of triceps workouts. A lot of abdominal work outs. A lot of butt work outs. And some chanting with breathing. It was a very funny painful experience… Not funny haha, more like I can’t believe we’re doing so much….haha. We got through it, I think. One hour.

Lunch was nice. Except each time we have lunch our bodies cool down waaaay too much, thus making it hard to return.

This ‘cooling down’ effect is no worry for the great Miss Linda. She whipped us back into a hot sweat in two minutes of her Horton class. Today was difficult… We did much more than expected. We also did push ups… Which after yoga and Pilates, was a bit of a pain. We worked on low laterals, which are difficult. We ended with a great phrase that was high energy and fun. At the end, half the class went together as the rest of us clapped for them,,.. Miss Linda is a phenomenally fun and funny instructor. Great class. One hour and forty five minutes.

We ended the day with review of Jonathan’s rep. It went well. I loved that he gave us freedom to make choices, he also challenged us to think about why we did every move….hmmm sounds like something Mrs. Summer Brown spent a great deal of time teaching me 😉 I love choices and cause/effect!!!!! One hour.

I’m going to rest and reconvene tomorrow. 🙂
don’t forget to send me mail! Address is in Day 9, at the very end!



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