Day 11: Limón-lime

Today was a heavy day, full of good, and the not so easy. I woke up, made my last breakfast at my place, then packed up to move. I had to take everything to the Lou Conte Dance Studio (HSDC, basically), and leave it all there to take with me after the intensive. I got there at about 8:30am, which is 2 hours earlier than I had to.

After a very long warm up/relax period, we started ballet with Meredith at 10:45am. As I’ve said before, her ballet classes are like no other. Today I felt great at barre, but it all fell apart in center. She even told me that I had to learn to translate my barre work to the center. I also allowed my plié to drive my body in all sorts of crazy ways in my fouetté. I’ll do better tomorrow. One and a half hours.

Next we had LIMON (with some Dunham) technique class, taught by Jonathan!!! I love love love limón technique, it’s just so beautiful and free falling. I enjoyed the way he taught it too, since he used more physics concepts (which is right up my alley)! Limon jumps are my favorite, they’re just so masculine and powerful but gentle at the same time… its not aggressive but gentle (which is how I feel men should also explore to be like).. it was also elegant and proud, lovely. One and a half hours.

Lunch came, and so did the tired muscles… Oh the pain of cooling down.

Repertoire with Johnny would’ve been great, since we learned more of Casi-Casa by Mats Ek, but my muscles were so sore and tired and cold! I just barely got through it, but just BARELY! I do love the phrase though.. Very challenging. I thought my head would explode with learning even more rep…I never knew learning so much dance would be so tiring and difficult on the mind. One hour.

Lastly was creation. Our group continued and we have half of our project done, hopefully. Two hours.

After the day was done Diana and I headed to Millennium Park for a free show with Sara Neufeld (she’s from Arcade Fire), as the opening act to Olafur Arnalds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For FREEE! We’re actually still sitting here, listening to magic on stage. She’s such a dancer, improvising in her seat! :-)The park just has free wifi. I am blessed to have everything I do in my life. Everything happens for a reason. After the show I move again. Till tomorrow.



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