Day 10: Male Duet

Today was the middle of the week. Wednesday as many like to call it. I didn’t get any sleep due to the multiple nightmares I had. So I woke up half-asleep, which seemed to be the theme of the day. It was difficult. I left for the studio slightly earlier than needed to try to wake my body up, for more energy…

We had improvisation with Johnny at 10am. He led a great “whatever”-feel improv class, it was awesome! Unfortunately, it was hard to get into the swing of class at first since my exhaustion and lack of energy was too much to handle. Eventually I got into the swing of things. I was partnered up with the amazing Alicia (pronounced Elysia), when Johnny led us through this intimate duet improv. It was an amazing feeling, since it didn’t feel like two people existed, just one. I guess that’s how true partnering should feel, always. It was great! We did tons more stuff but we ended with this so you think you can dance styled improv: one person improvises for the camera, the camera person (or director) chooses different angles and concepts to try. It helps with the 3-D dancing that is sometimes lacking in people…FUN! One and a half hours.
Here are clips from the improv class:
improv 1
improv 2

Next we had Pilates with Melanie. It was challenging, and with the way the day was going it was almost impossible! I learned a lot, but I can’t say it felt right. One hour.

Lunch was a nice break, I overate, which made me feel good, inside… Until.. We had ballet, with Lucas (HSDC rehearsal director)! It’s the same Lucas that taught the HSDC master class at the music center last month, which I attended. His class was nice! It focused on elongation rather than poses, and nice use of the feet instead of just pointing. I thoroughly enjoyed his class, even if I was still digesting! One and a half hours.

Repertoire today with Jonathan (HSDC), was the hardest thing ever. The movement was gorgeous, it was his own creation from a work from the danc(e)volve show HSDC had in June. I enjoyed the creation but I couldn’t muster the energy to do it well. It was even hard to focus on what was being taught. I was so wiped out, it wasn’t funny. One and a half hours.

We ended the day with something that gave me a lot of energy, the one thing that always does: partnering!!!!!! I love partnering, but today had a twist… It was a male duet, which meant we did same-sex partnering! I enjoyed this immensely since its never taught, and Eric is a great partner. The movement was a little hard and strange to get into with all the hugging, and slow motion rolling with each other (since its a male partnering) but it does make for an interesting duet. This was a duet choreographed by Robyn and taught by Jonathan and Johnny. It was pretty awesome and I think we did great!

Now I’m home and I’m going to stretch and knock out soon! I’m going to make up for lost time today.
Till then, don’t forget to send me mail! The address is in my last post! 😉



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