Day 9: Nutrition

This morning I was so dead and out of energy, not to mention sore! Again, after breakfast I felt much better. I headed out to the studio and arrived around 9:30am.

We began with physical therapy lecture on nutrition. I learned a heck of a lot. I didn’t know that we had to eat more, as dancers. It’s dumb to admit it, but I always had a weight gain fear, even though its not likely my body will gain weight.. I also learned about the right types of nutrients and foods I needed as a dancer to keep me going. One hour.

Next we had miss Linda… But today she taught BALLET! And what a great class it was! She gave this killer, literally killer, adagio at center. She had such a nice way of explaining the art form. The sidewalk chalk was my favorite metaphor for rond de jambe’s. One hour and a half.

Yoga was soooo nice today. We focused on the breath and different breathing techniques. These techniques can be used for stress, liturgic feelings, anxiety, etc. We also learned about actively stretching during pigeon, and we were taught how to do this:

I couldn’t do it today, but I will work towards it! I’ll get it soon! One hour.

We had lunch, and I ate my lunch and dinner :’/ I couldn’t help it.. I was just so hungry!
After lunch we had video, where we saw a bit of the SPECTACULAR One Thousand Pieces by Alejandro Cerrudo. Here’s a rehearsal clip of it:
It is a MUST see if you’re in Chicago in December!

Next we had rep with Johnny (HSDC) and he taught us a great phrase from Little Mortal Jump. He was so funny, but he really rocks his socks with how amazing he is! I enjoy working on this dance.. Such powerful music set to power movement. Just transcendent and its best. One hour.

We wrapped up the day with one hour of repertoire review with Meredith. We reviewed all three sections of Little Mortal Jump. She gave great insight, as simple as just listen to the music and hear the changes, swells, etc.. Dancing it was much different when you listen and make choices.

One huge shout out to my friend Diana Leon. I watched her doing the rep taught by Johnny and she blew me away single handedly! I was inspired by her naturalism, flow, focus, and intention. She clearly stands out in her group! Not to mention she is a ballet rock star! πŸ™‚ I tried to incorporate as much of what I saw from her as I could in my own dancing.


By the way, you can all send me mail at:

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
Ruben Medina
Summer Intensive 2013
1147 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60607

πŸ˜‰ just a hello letter would be nice!


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