Day 8: New Horizons

Today marked the first day of the second training week. I woke up with little to no energy, but as breakfast rolled along, I got a pep in my step! I had breakfast and rode the train earlier since today was one of the two torture schedules this week. (Meaning, we have dancing all day back-to-back).

Got to the studio and did my ab series, then had ballet with Meredith at 9am. Thankfully, she transitioned us back in smoothly to the week, during barre. Then she kicked our butts in center, in a good way. She gave a much more simple petite allegro (my BIGGEST weakness an fear), which gave me a confidence boost. Everyone else was tired or injured, but I had to make up for last weeks…*ahem* stomach problems. I’d say ballet went much better, since on my train ride I read my corrections book, then applied as much as I could during class. One hour and forty minutes.

Next we had Pilates, which was a huge pain in the gut… Or more like transverse abdominus. It was a great class, too. I can feel the ab series working in strengthening my core up because I didn’t feel as much pain in this class as before, instead I felt efficient work on my core. Thumbs up! One hour.

Before lunch break we had yoga. Again, devoting all my practices this month to my very special and dearest. It’s nice to have my necklace to remind me that I have something to look forward to when I get back home. This class was a bit tougher since it was after ballet and Pilates… We even learned hand stands today, which was awesome! But they were challenging. I get scared of falling forward and hurting someone. One hour of yoga.

After lunch we had Horton. I was focusing so hard today that I was able to do it all! No joke. Of course I fell out of a lot, but that’s okay. I’m working my hardest to become the best dancer I can be. This class was very good and challenging. We learned new things that hurt and repeated the other things that ended up hurting more. But most of all, we did Wade in the Water again. Which is always fun! 🙂 one hour and forty five minutes.

Lastly, we had repertoire with Meredith. We reviewed Friday’s rep from Little Mortal Jump, and we learned a beginning to that phrase. I’d say its my favorite rep of all the ones we’ve learned so far… Mats Ek coming in a close second. I’m loving the moving vocabulary that Alenjandro Cerrudo creates. In a way it seems as a combination of all the other rep’s vocabulary put together, but with his own twist. It’s a very emotional phrase. One hour.

I’m very proud of myself today. I held my own on this Monday and I even had corrections from each instructor in all 6 classes, which made my day in itself!!! I’m going to continue this momentum through the rest of the month and finish strong. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone, but I want to do it for myself, so I know what I’m capable of.


PS. I discovered a girl in the intensive that also loves physics!! 😀 awesome sauce!


4 thoughts on “Day 8: New Horizons

  1. For real, I read these every chance I get. They’re inspiring. I’m really happy to hear that you’re doing what you love. The last part was the best (not the physics part, although that was great too); the part about you doing it for yourself to see what you’re capable of. (: keep doing your thing! I told you you’ll inspire the world!

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