Day 7: Calm Before the Storm

It is now the evening and I am fully relaxed. Today didn’t do much, other than buy groceries, pack for the whole weeks lunch and dinners, and I went downtown to enjoy the exhibit/cultural center again, and watch a film.

I went to Gene Siskel go watch Miyazaki’s hit Princess Mononoke! I’ve seen it before, at home, but it was much nicer to watch it on a big screen. There was a couple who were around their 70’s or so, watching the film, and the entire time they held each other. By the end of the movie, when it got kinda mushy and sappy, they had their heads leaning on each other, it was very nice to see that love still exists through age nowadays.

Here is the trailer for the film:

It was even better on a big screen!!!! Honestly though, the only film I’m amazingly eager to watch on the big screen at Siskel’s is A.I., which comes out on the 27th! I saw that one with someone special, who I miss so much (it’s kinda crazy how much), so I know I’ll be a big mess when I see it. Soon. Soon.

Now I am home. Going to eat a light dinner, do my ab series, a bit of stretching, call my loved ones, shower and knock out. This week we have the toughest schedule twice…Its going to hurt! I found out that what a dancers favorite dessert is… A LOT of ibuprofen… With tiger balm on the side. 😉



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