Day 4: Funk to Funk

Where to begin? Today was a much nicer day on the body, except after lunch (more on that after). Yesterday, and a bit throughout today I was a bit stunted on my dancing since I had stomach pain: food poisoning. Luckily, I got pepto pills which kept me dancing with only slight pain throughout the day.

We started today at 10:30am with Improvisation, taught by Robyn!!!! It was so much fun, and I learned even more than I thought I would. It’s funny how sometimes watching your classmates improvise across the floor, while having fun to good music, can make it look like an amazing dance. My favorite was the old tree improv. Robyn was so sweet and she made improv so natural. It was an hour and a half class.

Next we had Pilates. This time we had Kym today, who was even tougher than Melanie!! We did so much in Pilates, it was very painful.. But I ended up learning more about the correct muscles to use during dance: transverse muscles, and how to feel them, work them, etc. She told us that if we did the stomach series of Pilates, for at least a month, everyday, that we’d see a difference… So I went up to her after class and she wrote them all down for me. Challenge accepted, I will do them until I leave, maybe even longer. I hope to see results. One hour of strict pain.

We had lunch for an hour, then ballet with Meredith. Now, ballet with Meredith is definitely one of my favorite classes, but when it’s not the first class of the day and you just ate lunch, it can be very difficult. Luckily I got through it, and I even used several of the corrections in my corrections book, which helped!! I can see myself improving. 🙂 one hour and a half of ballet bliss.

Afterwards we had REPERTOIRE with Robyn!!! Today we learned a chunk of choreography from
Too Beaucoup by Sharon Eyal. Such amazing, extremely fun, funky and challenging choreography. This one was definitely the hardest of all the rep to learn and do. It is so precise and far from classical (it’s kinda weird in a fun way), but I got the gist of it by the end. One and a half hours to learn this rep.

This is the work that we learned from, although our section isn’t shown in this video. It’s FUN:

Lastly, we ended with partnering rep!! The boys re-learned what we did with the other group and the girls learned it for the first time. This time I got three partners, who were all so amazing. Although I kept hurting their boobs with my shoulder, which made me feel awful. I also pulled on one of their necks, which made me feel just as bad.. I just get so into it and excited. I loved being able to do that work a few times at the end of class and watching the original cast (Robyn and Terrence) perform it live for us. 🙂 one hour of boob pain.

I’m starting to get the hang of this! 🙂



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