Day 3: Injury Prevention

So today I woke up majorly exhausted and sore. Yesterday really did a number on me, but it’s all good because I’m going to be that much better when this is all over. No pain, no gain.

We started our day a bit later today, 10:45a with an hour physical therapy lecture. The topic: injury prevention. Honestly, I wish I would’ve had this lecture two years ago, it was fantastic!!! Not only did I learn how to repair myself when I’m broken, but I also learned about proper technique a bit more, from their point of view. Did you know you have to be able to see your inner foot and raise your toes while you plié?! I didn’t!! She taught us much more amazing stuff and even gave us a flier.

Next we had ballet with Meredith again. Today she gave another exceptional class, with a bit more difficult center. One of those #}^*|€] moments while learning it was the double pirouette into a fouetté attitude turn, then land. And that was only the end of the phrase. I worked a bit more n my petite allegro, but lucky the other people here are so amazing that they helped me out too. They even stuck around class at the end to help me with the tombe pas de bourre glissade pas de chat, which I was having so much difficulty getting… I know, I’m rusty. It was all that EDGE! This was another hour and a half.

Next we had yoga, with Helen. In today’s yoga class, we learned:


I was able to do it! But it was rough at first. I can feel myself getting much more flexible. It’s crazy, I think I just needed to get broken into it. I really love this yoga class. It was challenging but very do able and it was relaxing at the end. She even rubbed our necks with oils. This class was more emotional since I miss everyone back home and those I love. I dedicated my practice to a very special someone who I miss so much! 🙂 I even held only my necklace specially tight.. An hour class.

We had lunch,then we had a forty minute video session where we watched HSDC do Three To Max by Ohad. It was very interesting and amazing to see it. His choreography is very unique and had a lot of stylistic nuances.

Lastly was the cake on top… REPERTOIRE! We had the lovely, and amazing Jessica (HSDC), who taught us three lengthy sections from Mats Ek’s Casi-Casa!!!!!!! It was SO AMAZING! I love the language he uses and the expressionism. He has a very interesting vocabulary as well. We learned all three sections in 2 hours!

Here is a clip of his work.. We learned the phrasing at 0:55 and 3:40… Now it might look easy, but it’s not. And those are excerpts of two of the three much lengthier sections we learned. Oh boy, did we learn a lot 🙂 kick butt!!!!!!!



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