Day 2: Pain

Where to begin..?!
Today was my second day at the intensive. I didn’t get much sleep last night since the thunder and lightning kept me up (the room I’m staying at for a while has a skylight). Thus, I was completely exhausted by the time I had to get up to make breakfast.

Today began with ballet at 9am, with Terrence. Oh my god, I never knew sore before this morning. Worse during ballet! He taught a great class, but I was too tired and fell out of many things. I guess in those situations it’s probably better to make things smaller and more correct…? I had some corrections from Meredith’s ballet class in mind, that I applied. Ballet was an hour and forty minutes.

Next was Pilates, the hard way. I took Pilates at my university through the kinesiology department, which means its a non dancer Pilates technique, this wasn’t that. It was very challenging, especially since it seemed to have been made for dancers. Melanie, the instructor, was very sweet but she didn’t slow down just because it was the first class. My stomach still feels it. One hour of pain.

Afterwards we had yoga, with Helen. I honestly thought it would be a nice relaxing, chill class but boy was I wrong. It was so difficult! All I wanted to do was be in child’s pose… She started off with a chant, which was pleasant and went straight into the hard stuff. Almost felt like power yoga, but for dancers. One hour class.

We had lunch break and soon after had Horton again. Miss Linda was ready to go! She was hilarious but the class was much more difficult than yesterday. It progressed so much faster! My brain was funky so I slipped a lot in class, fell out of a lot, and just plain stopped at times. I loved her method of across the floor where she will continuously teach a combination before everyone is done with the first one. It causes there to be more time in class for more material, but means we die a little more because of it. Class was an hour and forty minutes.

Lastly we did repertoire with Meredith. She is truly incredible! We learned Little Mortal Jump, or an excerpt of it!!!! I love it so much!!!!!! 🙂

We learned a little tiny bit front this dance:

Honestly, I don’t know how I’ll feel tomorrow… Today was MUCH more physically demanding than yesterday. Why do we do this to ourselves as dancers? I guess it’s because it makes everything else worthwhile. It’s not about the end point, but the journey.



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