Day 1: New Phase

So today was the beginning of my first ever dance intensive, with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago!!!
It’s about 9pm, and I’m gonna knock out soon… It was an exhausting day.

Lucky they now have a Target next door which is convenient because I bought my yoga mat there before orientation. We had orientation roughly about 9am, then my group had a break until 10:45 (it’s rotating dance schedules, to kept everyone on their toes). I used that time to warm up.

We started off with ballet, with Meredith (HSDC), who provided such a beautiful, challenging and organic ballet class. She gave great corrections, which I wrote down on my new corrections book that I bought for the summer. Class ran for and hour and a half, with lives accompaniment. Meredith is obviously who we all want to become, she is such a beautiful dancer.

I felt good until we had modern aka HORTON. Miss Linda (HSDC&Ailey) taught the class. She was ha-la-ri-ous!! Her class was also very intense, but it was enjoyable with her humor. My legs were shaking throughout class, but Miss Linda executed each and every exercise with ease. She truly is an Ailey dancer, very inspiring. Again, an hour and a half with live accompaniment.

We had an hour lunch break, which wasn’t so good for me since I couldn’t find a spoon.
Afterwards we had a creation phrase class were Terrence (HSDC 2 Director) taught a movement phrase then let us work on changing it, thus choreography for an hour. It was awesome, he gave so many directions that I had never thought of before! The next hour was taken up by rehearsing and molding these works together, which will culminate into a dance that will be performed at the end of the intensive.

The final hour of the day was my favorite, Terrence and Robyn (former HSDC) taught a partnering repertoire class. Usually this would’ve been our second hour of creation/rehearsal, but all the boys are required to meet with the group that is in rep partnering class throughout the intensive (due to a 2:1 ratio of girls to boys). The girls had to stay and work on our piece :-(.
Partnering was AWESOME!! My partners were completely phenomenal and the work we learned was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I’m so excited for tomorrow, but tired and sore. Gonna stretch lightly and head to bed.

This is a video of the rep partnering :-). We learned the first half:



4 thoughts on “Day 1: New Phase

  1. I’m so happy you’re having such a great time! (: I love reading these! And I remember you showing me that video a few months ago! So excited for you! I’m sorry you couldn’t find a spoon lol. That part made me laugh a little haha.

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