Day 00: Yoga, Shows and the City

Okay, so I obviously made it to Chicago in one piece! I’ve already done quite a bit since arriving.

I got to Chicago around midnight, but didn’t arrive at my first place until 1-2am!! (Living in multiple places this summer, which is kinda great, so far!). I had planned to do yoga but I woke up late and missed it, but determined as I am, I googled yoga and came across CORE POWER, so I decided to give it a try.


It was a studio located in uptown Chicago, and it was nice! Luck was on my side this time because not only was it a power yoga/bikram fusion studio, I was able to get a week of unlimited yoga (new student offer), along with a free yoga mat and towel rental! HAZA! So I did the hot yoga, which was intense since I had just eaten at subway a minute before the class (not a good idea). The facilities are amazing here, very state of the art, and the class was phenomenal.

After taking a shower, I went to explore the downtown area near the Lou Conte Dance Studio, where I’ll be all summer. I went downtown, and with the help of Michael C on the phone, discovered the library, AMAZING! I walked up and down Jackson and Adams streets. I found a place I had visited the very first time I came to Chicago with my friends Yvonne and Kamal. We stopped at a McDonalds to get ice cream, Yvonne’s first cone in years at the time, So I decided to stop by again today. It was nice to return to a place where it all began.


Eventually, I made my way down to the art institute of Chicago, since I had many hours to kill before the HSDC show. I sat down at the steps since it had just closed. As I got there, I noticed a mother-daughter violin duet asking for donations for her college fund. I was so inspired and respected them both so much for sacrificing time and energy to do that, for something she really wants. I know it’s tough when you don’t have all the money in the world to pursue what you love, but she’s doing it and that’s amazing. They played very beautifully, too! That’s the mom (in red), and her daughter next to her. They were packing when I took the photo.


When they finally packed up, I headed towards the UIC theater. I waited there for an hour for the show to start. I had to get away from large groups of people since I was alone and terribly shy. I overheard some younger audience members speaking about the summer intensive behind me during the show, which was kinda cool to know that they had came to watch it as well.

The show was spectacular! Every choreograph and dancer was so talented.
My top three favorites were:
Wedding Dance by Terrence Marling [marriage and commitment are very close to the heart at the moment],
Silver Soon by Johnny McMillan [strong use of imagery and powerful performance],
Maiden, Mother and Crone by Jonathan Fredrickson [made me think about mom <3].

My top three most interesting were:
Divide for Better Reign by Richard Walters [amazing male solo, very athletic],
Opaque by Quinn B Wharton [loved the video, it was beautifully confusing],
A Winter’s Tale by Alice Klock [male duet, with interesting costume and movement vocabulary. Also used video game soundtrack, awesome!].

All in all, everyone was amazing. The show was funny, heartfelt, thought provoking and brilliant.


Now it’s time to train, improve and get on that stage myself. 🙂
Moving to my next destination in a bit. Wish me luck!



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