Step 17: Flying

I haven’t updated in a REEEEAAAALLY long time. So much has happened, and I waited until today to update because its FINALLY here! HSDC!!!!!!

Things haven’t been easy since graduating but it’s been rewarding. I moved to Hollywood, thus having to train at the EDGE Performing Arts Center… It’s not necessarily known to produce technical dancers, although those studying here are quite amazing at commercial dance. It wasn’t for me, but I found a few great ballet instructors like IRINA, KANA and REI who were incredible! I also had lots of fun taking jazz from MALAYA and SABRINA whenever I would take jazz (rarely).

I was fortunate to be invited to audition for BODYTRAFFIC, but unfortunately didn’t make the cut (or well, I did, but you get it). That bummed me out but its fine, I learned so much about it. I seem to assume the role of the ‘nice guy’, but too much, I need to be more serious at auditions.

But not all has been sad. I was lucky enough to take a master class from HSDC rehearsal director, Lucas. It was an amazing ballet class, where he gave a lot of corrections that I feel will apply to this intensive. I also got to see HSDC perform along with LINES ballet, I even went to the per-performance talk! It was incredible! Little Mortal Jump was my favorite piece that night, it was everything that I love about the company, and then some.

Now I’m at the airport, waiting to fly to Chicago:


I’m flying SPIRIT, it’s not that great of service, if you ask me….just check out the baggage price, for a second carry on!


I’m so stoked to get there, and of course nervous! Tomorrow I wake up to yoga (maybe at the park), followed by Inside/Outside, an evening performance by HSDC (last one of the summer)!

Wish me luck! I’ll be updating VERY frequently during this summer intensive! 🙂


PS. A special thanks to my mom and family, Marco Carreon, his family, and all my friends who believed in me, for the donation that made this possible, and all the love. And a special thanks to MIchael C, for the love and support.


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