Step 16: Next steps

Okay, so much has happened since I last posted.

I am officially done with school, Bachelors in Physics. It was such an amazing moment to be able to graduate, and have my loving family and friends there to share it with. My mother never looked more beautiful than in that moment in my graduation. I love her so much.


I also had the pleasure of finally seeing the Watt’s Towers. When I first came to CSUDH I heard about them and was eager to see them immediately, however I made a random choice to wait until the day I graduated to see them. I waited 4 years to see them and I finally got to see the marvel of such a broken beauty. It was truly inspirational: creation built from destruction.

I was thankful that a lot of my friends and family have donated to my cause, I will not disappoint, I will try my hardest to better myself. I have begun my training by taking higher level ballet classes and trying to maintain an open mind to all corrections given, while applying everything else I have learned in these classes and in classes prior.

I was offered an opportunity to travel to China, for three weeks, with the Long Beach Ballet, which is a great training opportunity.. However, I had to say no. 😦 It was an all-expense-paid opportunity but I have my heart and mind set on Hubbard Street (and hopefully Nederlands Dans Theatre, too). It hurt to say ‘no’ to such a great opportunity, since everything would be much less stressful (living and travel-wise), but I need to stick to my guns and grow up a bit.

Another exciting thing happened this past week: my submission was accepted and I will be granted the opportunity to audition for BodyTraffic! I am very excited and also extremely nervous. A lot of great things are happening so fast, and I am trying to maintain my excitement, which is difficult, but I’ll handle.

One week left until I find out about NDT…

Remember, donations are still accepted 🙂



Step 15: Last Class

I taught my final class at DH just now.
I uploaded the final class phrase that I created in the spur of the moment… It’s a mixture of some old movement that I had previously done and some that I created in the past. Thanks to all those people who came!


Remember, donations are still accepted 🙂



New Fundraising Account

Hello all,

I have a new fundraising account. Please visit, share and donate.
Thank you all for the support and love.



Step 14: Documentary time!

I made a two part documentary of our concert at CSUDH. I entitled it “The Experience” because this has been a bulk of my experience while at my school: performing in the shows every semester. I hope some of the students at my school see this and decide to participate.

Either way, I thought it was pretty cool!
Check it out:

Donations are still very welcomed 🙂