Step 13: Concerts, Losing, and Waiting

I lost at the talent show 😦 But its okay, my improv wasn’t that impressive and it was very repetitious, but I tried my best! Here is the link to the video:

This past weekend I had an improvisational performance for the Rod Butler Memorial at my school. The memorial performance is basically a show that the theater, dance, music and art department put on together to raise money for scholarships. It was pretty cool. There was church music, choral music, guitars with an operatic singer, a skit, some music videos, and then there was us. Our dance was structured/choreographed by Doris Ressl, and it was one of the most fun performances I’ve had! It was an improvisational dance, accompanied by the jazz band, who also improvised with their music. Amy, Mel and I danced with clay, forming it through our improv into cool shapes that will be heated up and put somewhere nice. 🙂 I’ll post the video, if I can, when I get it.

This weekend we have our Spring Dance show, featuring the seniors of our department. Its my final show at DH! Equally as exciting is the fact that I only have to wait about…28 days to find out if I was accepted into the Netherlands Dance Theater Summer Intensive!!! I’m hoping for the best!

Donations still accepted 😉

Thanks everyone!


Step 12: Makin’ History!

Thankfully, I made it as a finalist at my school’s talent show, which happens this Thursday! I am pleased to announce that I am the only dancer at this talent show.. The rest of the acts are very talented singers, rappers and poets.

I also had an amazing experience this weekend at the ACDFA Baja Region 2013 at El Camino College. This was such an eventful weekend, with 141 dance classes offered over a span of 12 dance sessions; 48 adjudicated pieces in 4 concerts; 1 gala show with 12 of those 48 dances; and not much sleep time!

I am so proud of everyone at my school for participating in every aspect of this conference: research, adjudication, classes and seminars. Going into this weekend I had made a list of just ballet classes to take (to improve my technique), but once I got there I realized that I rather take more different types of classes that I couldn’t on a normal basis.

There were so many fantastic classes led by incredible instructors. I really had a blast. I am especially proud of the CSUDH adjudicated dancers for doing such an amazing job on a wonderful stage, they really do inspire me so much! We couldn’t have done any of this without our amazing Artistic Director, Doris Ressl.

To my amazement, and pleasure, I was selected as one of the Gala performers with “Solo for Shoes” choreographed by the amazing Mrs. Summer Brown! She has really changed my life, dancing and myself as a person. This was a really surreal experience, especially since CSUDH has never been in a Gala, until now! 🙂 And guess what? I held every second, every moment, every particle on that stage and now that experience is mine to keep, forever.

Today I will have the dress rehearsal for the talent show. Winner = cash prize! Cash prize = one step closer to Hubbard Street Summer Intensive. 🙂 Really blessed for everyone and everything in my life!