Step 10: Artistic Differences, New Experiences

Haven’t posted in a while, life has been happening!

I am no longer with Nickerson-Rossi Dance, there were artistic differences that could not be helped; it is for the best. The effect of this is that I will no longer be accepting donations through the NRD website, however donations could still be made to me through mail (and everyone knows I need these donations now more than ever! I would really appreciate this gesture, if possible!). Any amount of donation, even if it is just petty change is a blessing. I can be reached at RMEDINA49@TOROMAIL.CSUDH.EDU

Something amazing has happened! The very special group of people that make up Domino Affect Dance Co have given me an opportunity to work with them on a project! This is all thanks to someone very special and generous. These people are all really phenomenal and just so positive and kind, I am a lucky guy!

Just focusing on my dance technique and being happy, which I am extremely happy!!! 🙂 I am currently two weeks away from performing my solo, “Solo for Shoes” choreographed by Summer Brown, at the ACDFA-Baja Region festival! I am very excited and honored.

Here is a picture of me having a really amazing time at the Griffith Observatory this weekend:

Dancing under the stars

Dancing under the stars

Once again, donations would be really appreciated so that I can achieve my goal of doing a summer dance study program at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago in Chicago, IL this summer, and possibly the Netherlands Dance Theater Summer Program (if admitted) right after Chicago.

Thank You!


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