Step 9: Celebrating Dance

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of working with such amazing and talented artists, the Nickerson-Rossi Dance Co., in performing in such a beautiful venue: the Alex theater for Celebrate Dance 2013. I was in such awe of how talented each individual dancer was, as well as the companies and choreographers. This is my experience/review of the night.

The First Half:

The first company, Lux Aterna, presented a duet which was beautiful. The twist to it, it was a break dance duet!! It was nice to see something so articulate, sharp and beautiful done to instrumental music!

The next company, JazzAntiqua, had a stunning piece. It was one of the evenings favorite by the public, and so it should have been. The dancers were stunning and the dance was so fun to watch.

The next dance was done by Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company. This was one of my favorites. The dancers faces were covered, being yelled commands at. I thought it was striking and ever so powerful. It brought serious tears out. Much applause to this work, dancers and company.

The first half of the show was closed by SoleVita. They had a westward piece that was mesmerizing. I really enjoyed the story of the journey to the west and love story. This was the most uplifting piece of the concert.

The Second Half:

We, at NRD, opened the second half. What can I say? I really loved being on stage with these dancers. They are very inspirational.

After us was Invertigo, and they presented a dance with more elements than the others, such as a stage prop, humor, and conversation. It was about post-hurricane piece. Interesting!

Second to last was Lydia Zimmer + Dancers. Another very inspirational piece, with amazing artists! I was WOWed backstage while I watched this trio do amazing things with their bodies that I could only dream of. The choreography was very dark and interesting. Very captivating!

The final performance was Colabo Youth, and they are fierce! I don’t like the use of that word, but that is what they were. For such young ladies, 15-17 years old, they danced better most people I’ve seen! The dance was done very nicely.

The show was a captivating experience, in such a beautiful theater! I hope to perform in a place that nice again soon! 🙂

celebrate dance

Goal: $5000 (this accumulates to the cost of attending one intensive)
Due: June 2013

If 100 people would donate $50 my goal would be successful (but any amount of donation is appreciated)

I can be reached at RMEDINA49@TOROMAIL.CSUDH.EDU
Also at my Facebook

Thank You for your time!



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