Step 6: Intimate Shows

Yesterday was my school’s, CSUDH, Student Research Day…

I thought I was going to be very sad, since for the past two years I have participated under physics. I actually won my first time in 2011! But this year it was different, I wasn’t dressed up in business-casual attire. I didn’t have a power point full of physics stuff to talk about that most of the audience wouldn’t understand. I wasn’t competing against other science people. And it wasn’t my day, it was theirs.

I thought I was going to be sad… BUT, I was actually relieved!!! I was on the OTHER side this year, the performers side. It felt great! It was exhilarating to perform in such an intimate setting. We had our ballet instructor, Kenneth Walker, who is super amazing, teach us barre, center and partnering phrases. This performance was inspired by SRD and was to show the rigorous training that ballet dancers have to go through, but sped up.

The crowd loved it! I hadn’t been nervous to perform like that ever before! I think it was because it was such an intimate setting.. I mean, the people were all around you, rather than you being on stage and them blacked out!! Either way, it was a great experience. Here are some pictures of us afterwards! I will try to post more and possibly a video, if I can find one, later.

I think I was blessed.. physics AND dance. I love them both, and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Glad I was able to be a part of SRD one last time. 🙂

I'm the student performer on the far right

I’m the student performer on the far right

I love them, they're so awesome!

I love them, they’re so awesome!

Goal: $5000 (this accumulates to the cost of attending one intensive)
Due: June 2013

If 100 people would donate $50 my goal would be successful (but any amount of donation is appreciated)

I can be reached at RMEDINA49@TOROMAIL.CSUDH.EDU
Also at my Facebook

Thank You for your time!




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