Step 2: Wake Up Call – Auditions

First day of school!

Not sure if anyone actually reads these, but I thought it was time to update my blog…Since Christmas I have: taken ballet at several different studios, performed with Nickerson-Rossi Dance Company at the Annenberg Theater in Palm Springs, and attended two major auditions for summer intensives (LINES & Hubbard St.)

I guess you can that these auditions were a wake up call!  Note to self: More audition skills needed! I was so nervous I forgot all of my ballet at both of the auditions (basically, I had two left feet), but there is no need for excuses, I know I will do better next time for sure.  Unfortunately, I was not accepted into the LINES summer program, and I am waiting on the Hubbard Street results.

I have just started school again today, and I am very eager to continue my training.  I believe I will be attending a few more auditions, even if its just for the experience.  I know I have more to offer, if I am given the opportunity.  Positive thinking from now on, and tons more ballet and modern!

Enjoy a sample of my work: Tree of Life by Ruben Medina. My dance begins at 0:25:25!

Also me performing in other works: Schlemeil by Marco Carreon (@ 0:01:30) , and Silences We Bear by Chanada Turner (@ 1:13:38).

Goal: $5000 (this accumulates to the cost of attending one intensive)
Due: May 2013

If 100 people would donate $50 my goal would be successful (but any amount of donation is appreciated)

I can be reached at RMEDINA49@TOROMAIL.CSUDH.EDU
Also at my Facebook

Thank You for your time!




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